Know any good TTS software for linux, preferrebly well integrated into firefox? Ideally it would work offline and don't require payment, but I'm willing to look at alternatives.


Try Cainteoir software. It can be used offline by installing voices and Convert various types of documents (HTML, plain text, PDF, ePub, XHTML, XML etc) into speeches.

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:msclrhd-gmail/cainteoir

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install cainteoir-gtk

Then you may install additional voices, e.g.:

 sudo apt-get install mbrola-us2

Look here for more info: Hectikgeek page


I am using Google™ Translator add-on for Firefox, as I don't know any good TTS software for Linux with natural voice. So this is on-line solution, you can mark text and than you get bubble where you can click to read a text. It also works on pdf files when you open them in Firefox. Google Translator in use

And most important the voice is natural, what is not case with existing Linux TTS. The best free TTS software for Linux is probably MeryTTS

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