I want to install Ubuntu in ENGLISH (UK) but I have an ITALIAN keyboard, which has a different layout to the English keyboard. How can I install Ubuntu in English but select an Italian layout for the keyboard. I tried, but it would only allow me to select an English keyboard. Thanks

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    You can select any keyborad layout after the installation. – mikewhatever Nov 11 '15 at 17:06

While installing

In case you had selected "install Ubuntu" from the menu when booting, or after choosing to install Ubuntu from a live session you will have a choice to select your keyboard layout from below menu:

enter image description here

On a live session

A live session loads an English keyboard layout by default. This can be changed by clicking on the En icon in the top panel to select Text Entry setting.... On the next window click on the small + icon on the bottom left. Then the following box will open:

enter image description here

Choose your keyboard layout to add it to the list. To remove a layout press the - icon after selecting.

We can then choose from all layouts we had installed:

enter image description here

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