After installing virtualbox + few upgrades I found that I have no longer my default bash, but now I have (probably) xterm. (there was also problem with unity, but I coped with it). I can not execute /bin/bash from doubleclick on it in folder, but I "can execute" it from xterm console (however it doesnt open new one, it just reload xterm session and nothing more). How could I get back default ubuntu 14.04 bash console?

Moreover shortcut alt+ctrl+t stopped working (and creating new one which overwrittes and points to /bin/bash still didnt solve the problem). Clicking alt+ctrl+t just do nothing.


  • I tried apt-get install --reinstall bash but it didn't help.
  • when I execute "#!/bin/bash" script it runs in xterm window.
  • Note that XTerm is the emulator - Bash is still running inside that. I think you're looking to run gnome-terminal though. – Thomas Ward Nov 11 '15 at 15:28
  • You're totally right! I do not know why, but it was uninstalled!... Thanks for help! – Michal_Szulc Nov 11 '15 at 15:33

Bash still exists - it's not the terminal emulator.

gnome-terminal is the one the versions are supposed to use for Ubuntu, however when that gets removed or such it's possible that xterm is used in place.

Make sure that gnome-terminal is installed.

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