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I am running Ubuntu Server in a Windows 8 host. When I click the "Devices>>Insert Guest Additions CD image", I am greeted with a prompt that says: "Unable to insert the virtual optical disk : Would you like to try to force insertion of the disk?" What should I do with this? Should I "Force Mount" or "Cancel"?

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  • Use force, why not? – A.B. Nov 11 '15 at 10:28

You don't insert Guest Additions CD image you don't need to at all.

open up a terminal and run this command to open up additional drivers.

sudo /usr/bin/software-properties-gtk --open-tab=4

Click on Using x86 visualization solution

enter image description here

Then click on apply Changes

If you wanted to Install this in terminal you would need to run this command.

sudo apt-get install virtualbox-guest-dkms 

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