I have been trying to run freetuxtv (the last version) in Ubuntu 15.04. The app loads available channels but crashesas soon as the window opens. The bug I get is SIGSEGV in gtk_tree_store_append(). So my question is whether anybody has been successful in making some earlier version working?

Many thanks


I have had the same issue on Ubuntu 16.04 with xfce-desktop. I did some scouring on the net and found a ppa that worked great for me and got freetuxtv working. Keep in mind it is the unstable freetuxtv Developer Team PPA found here

you can install using the following

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:freetuxtv/freetuxtv-dev

sudo apt update

sudo apt install freetuxtv

This will install the latest version from the git repository on your system.
You don't need to type apt-get anymore in 16.04, you can just use apt

I hope this was helpful.

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