I had Solr 4.9.1 installed and I wanted to install the current version 5.3.1, which using Solr as a service, while 4.x version was using jetty. I tried to uninstall it the normal way

sudo apt-get purge jetty
Package 'jetty' is not installed, so not removed

while find / -name jetty getting a list of folders and files, so I had to remove the following files manually


Using apache guide to install Solr 5.3.1, I am getting Cannot execute /sbin/false error at the end of installation and also if I try to get it start service solr start.

Do I have to add any environment variables? if not (as the guide mentioned), what am I suppose to do?

  • AFAIK false is usually in /bin not /sbin: perhaps it's a problem with the install script? – steeldriver Nov 8 '15 at 13:25

You may try creating a symbolic link:

ln -s /bin/false /sbin/false

At least it solve my similar issue.

  • No, but removing and recreating the solr user did. – Kareem Nov 26 '15 at 20:13

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