I am the sole user of my computer so I use my root user name for everything. I am tired of logging in all the time and entering a keyring so I was hoping that creating an automatic login would resolve that. It didn't, so now I have a broken password and I cannot install any programs and I cannot fix my password. Does anybody have any help for this? Thank you.


Logging in as root instead of your normal account is an Incredibly Bad Idea. During the normal course of things, the only time Ubuntu asks you for a password is when you install new software or updates - and even that can be configured not to require a password, I believe.

If you can no longer log in because you don't remember the password, you could reboot to the recovery console and change your user's password from there:

passwd myusername

however, I'm afraid you may've stuffed the permissions up when opening your files as root... you may need to change ownership of your home dir:

chown -R myusername:myusername /home/myusername

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