I am using HPLIP 3.15.9 on Kubuntu 15.04. It is started automatically after login and tries to add an icon to the system tray... but this does not work most times and I get an error dialog instead, that tells me HPLIP is unable to find a system tray (while I can clearly see the tray).

I found many suggetions in the web that are based on delaying the startup of HPLIP. However either they didn't work (modyfing some loop in a HPLIP script) or I could not apply them since they worked with older OS version only.

How can I solve that problem?

If delaying is a solution, where can I find the auto start entry of HPLIP? I looked in system settings of Kubuntu but the list of auto-started applications does not contain HPLIP (I suppose it is auto-started by some file based mechanism I am not aware of).


I found a workaround for the problem. The file /etc/xdg/autostart/hplip-systray.desktop needs to be edited.The line Exec=hp-systray -x must be changed to Exec=sleep 30;hp-systray -x

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