I am going to re-install my system. But before I do that, I would like to prepare everything well. One thing which is missing is making a backup of all fonts I have installed. I remember that I installed some fonts manually by downloading the font file.

Is it possible to get all fonts I have currently installed on my system? How would I install them later again? (I prefer console-only solutions.)


The standards fonts directories are: /usr/share/fonts, /usr/local/share/fonts, and ~/.fonts. You backup those directories, then when you've restored the contents run:

sudo fc-cache -f -v

and your fonts will be available to your system

[edit] you can also use fc-list to list all installed font before the backup


Custom fonts are usually in :


To back them up copy the folder to your backup media.

Example :

cp /usr/local/share/fonts/ /media/backupdevice/


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