Now I can't get to the lightdm screen.

I had this problem, and I tried to fix this according to this answer. Before I did this move, I was able actually to log in to unity 2d and gnome shell. How do i undo the commands I followed, that got things worse. and how I can get 3D again?

note: several days ago, I had an update of xorg that failed.

  • Do you mean Unity 3D by 3D? – Aaron Hill Nov 13 '11 at 20:38
  • Is this a fresh install or was it an upgrade? Did you have installed the drivers from xorg-edgers? – Bruno Pereira Nov 27 '11 at 23:32

You dont give enough info, but still.
Try to remove the ppa of xorg-edgers. Uninstall the intel driver. (Easiest way for me is to install synaptic and search for the intel driver package).
Restart - hopefully Ubuntu will fall back to default driver.
In synaptic , install the drivers again - since you have removed the xorg-edgers ppa, ubuntu should install the default drives that came with the system.

Please, make backup with clonezilla live CD before doing this(or anytime you fiddle your system) - this could save you lot of time and trouble, check it out.

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