I downloaded a movie in beautiful HD. Unfortunately, the sound is broken. I then downloaded a different copy in low res, but with an intact soundtrack. How can I use ffmpeg to take the sound from the latter and combine it with the video from the former?

I do not know what details about the files to put here, please let me know which commands I should post the output of. All I know is the first one's an mkv and the second's an avi.


You can use -map to choose which streams you want, then use -c copy to stream copy (re-mux).

This example will copy the video stream(s) from hd.mkv and the audio stream(s) from sd.avi:

ffmpeg -i hd.mkv -i sd.avi -map 0:v -map 1:a -c copy -shortest output.mkv

If you want to offset one of the inputs see the -itsoffset option.

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