I'm using a Macbook Pro w/ Intel i5 processor and have attempted to install ubuntu 15.10, 64-bit as dual boot along with OSX. I booted Ubuntu using a USB and went through the installation process, selected a partition and swap space and installed Ubuntu. However, at the point where the 'where are you?' screen pops up, I get a Force UEFI installation window that invariably gets stuck, the two options are 'Go Back' and 'Continue'. After some browsing, I realised that this is a recognised bug, but none of the sites seem to give a way to deal with this bug or the steps I should take to navigate my way out of this.

A little help is needed, thanks.

(On a similar note: if such an error presents itself, is there a faster way of restarting installation than logging out and using the default 'ubuntu' username as the 'xkill' command line in the terminal is not available pre-install . )

Error Image

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It turns out that the problem exists with the option presented in the first installation screen 'Download Updates while Installing'.

Nevertheless, given that this bug was reported in May 2015 - it should have been dealt with by now.

UPDATE: Based on a comment by ‘Nur’, he/she has noted that it might not only suffice to have the Download Updates option unchecked - you must also disconnect yourself from the internet.

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    Sadly, as of late February 2016, this issue is still alive and well. Had me screaming at random objects until I saw your answer. Thanks.
    – csvan
    Feb 19, 2016 at 0:39
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    The bug is still alive in the Xenial Xerus 16.04 build!
    – eri0o
    Apr 14, 2016 at 1:02
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    Not selecting this option did not help. Still stuck there.
    – MaxNoe
    May 6, 2016 at 16:02
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    Csn confirm the bug is still occuring on Kylin... Jul 2, 2016 at 1:18
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    EDIT: Figured it out, it is not enough to simply uncheck "Download updates...", instead, internet must never be connected at all.
    – Nur
    Sep 19, 2017 at 18:53

User Fabien #11 has a perfect workaround that was posted in this launchpad link. I am just copying his solution here (of course all credit goes to Fabien). Here's the solution:

-create new partition table on the disk by selecting "something else", -add FAT32 part on the SSD (NOT EFI), -add other partitions (as usual), like boot, home etc, -click next and a pop-up about the missing EFI appears ->click go back, -select the first FAT32 partition mentioned above, change it to EFI, -click next and installation will go smooth.

I will also recommend "uncheck"ing "updates during installation" and "third party softwares...".


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