In (X)Ubuntu 14.04, I was able to perform a Select All operation via keyboard, in Gnome Terminal, invoking the menu (Alt-E -> A).

With more recent versions of (X)Ubuntu, I've noticed that the shortcuts for the menu bar are not available anymore.

For some operations, it's possible to set a direct shortcut (eg. Reset and clear terminal), but not for Select All.

Is there a way I can perform this operation via keyboard?

Note: I refer strictly to Gnome Terminal, not other terminal applications.


It seems like that option has been voluntarily removed.

The closest I can get to get something similar is enabling "Enable mnemonics (such as Alt+F to open the File menu)" in Edit > Preferences:


And use ALT+E,,,ENTER to select all.


Enable e.g. Shift + Ctrl + A as the shortcut key for Select All in Preferences → Shortcuts.

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