I do the following where I found the link source from here:

  1. wget -O - "https://download-cdn.getsync.com/stable/linux-x64/BitTorrent-Sync_x64.tar.gz" | tar xzf - in the server home
  2. cd .btsync
  3. chmod +x btsync
  4. . btsync but get -bash: .: btsync: cannot execute binary file
  5. btsync but get -bash: btsync: command not found

Positive experiences about similar approach here.

How can you setup BTsync in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Server?


Move the files of the tarball and correct permissions/owners

  • move extracted directory of tarball to /usr/local/
  • make symbolic link from btsync application from /usr/local/bsync/... to /usr/local/bin/ etc ln -s ...

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