I found my log in password had changed. I have no idea what the new one is. I keep trying to go to grub and get as far as being asked for the new UNIX and there I stick. The keyboard simply does not register the letters I type on the screen.

I have auto login enabled. I am the administrator. I cannot type the user name in grub because thanks to a dead y key I have to use the screen keyboard which does not show up in grub.

I am getting desperate as I cannot update etc..

I know what the password was but not what it became I am having no luck using the terminal either?

Any ideas? Thanks

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    Looks like you need a new keyboard. There is no way around typing the username and password, when resetting a password. – mikewhatever Oct 31 '15 at 18:40

Boot into a live CD/DVD/USB of Ubuntu.

Open up a terminal by pressing Ctrl+Alt +T and type in

chnage /dev/sda1 to your partition.

sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt

then type in this command.

sudo chroot /mnt

You can now use the passwd command to reset a password.

sudo passwd <user name>

that should change your password.


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