So, I've been looking for a nice GUI for my HTPC that has a 1080p TV connected to it as it's only display. Currently I'm on Linux Mint and using XBMC/Kodi as application for playing media. Browsing the web with my airmouse+keyboard device (Rii Remote) is however not ideal. I've tried an Android x86 port, but the app compatibility is almost to none. I like the way mobile operating systems fits the visual content to spend as much of the display as possible with big buttons and large text. I think large screens for HTPC purposes should be used with the same type of GUI as small screens for mobile devices such as smartphones, or even better tablets. The difference is of course between touch and pointing device. I read here that the Ubuntu Touch has a kind of "desktop mode/view" for switching to. Therefore, my question is: Can I do the opposite? Getting a "Touch mode/view" on the desktop version of Ubuntu? This would also include running applications such as Firefox or other browsers in a tablet view.

Can I achive this or something similar to it using any kind of Ubuntu? Please, feel free to provide ideas. Thanks! kapten1

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