When I enter my credentials and enter a new password, Ubuntu gives me no errors however. When I log out to log back in, there is no prompt for entering a password on the log on screen. I am just able to enter without entering any passwords. I have tried setting the password in the Terminal both "sudo passwd" and regular "passwd",but still no log in password is needed on the login screen.


This a system setting. Go to Systems Settings -> Security & Privacy. Under this you can see a button saying "Password Settings". When you click on the button you can see all the user list and their respective details. Select your account and click on Automatic Login - OFF. This prompts an option to enter your password every time you logout.

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  • Thanks for the simple fix but that is not the issue, I made sure that was off the moment I set up Ubuntu. For whatever reason, it will not apply the password to my admin account. – Brian Y Oct 29 '15 at 14:26

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