When I play games or watch videos, there is very noticeable screen tearing.

  • I have tried turning on vsync in both the game and the nvidia settings (sync to vblank).

  • I have tried setting the image quality and powermizer to best performance.

  • I have tried setting 'force full screen redraw' in compizconfig-settings-manager.

  • I tried adding the intel section to xorg.conf with 'tearfree' option set to true.

  • I tried setting the -bs option in lighdm 50-server-command.conf

  • I also tried to use the 355.11 drivers.

None of that has helped.

I'm using Ubuntu 15.10, GTX 960, and am using the proprietary 352.55 nvidia drivers. I have an intel i5 processor.

What else can I try?

  • can you go into your bios and increase the amount of video memory? – j0h Oct 28 '15 at 21:52
  • I can increase Intel video memory allocation up to 512mb that's my only option. Currently It's at 64mb. – MikeJerome Oct 28 '15 at 22:22
  • Did you do it? / was it helpful? – j0h Oct 28 '15 at 22:23
  • @j0h I just tried increasing to 512 and it had no effect on the screen tearing. – MikeJerome Oct 28 '15 at 22:29

Had same problem in xfce 15.10. Switching the windows compositor solved my issue


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    Hi, welcome to AskUbuntu! Links are great, but if they get moved or deleted your answer becomes useless. Please quote the website instead of just posting a link. – Daniel Nov 21 '15 at 2:47

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