I get the error "The system returned: (110) Connection timed out" from the browser when I try to browse through the squid proxy server....Any suggested solutions???

  • Try a squid -Z – A.B. Oct 28 '15 at 18:03
  • Tried it,not working..I get a "1445942383.529 60082 x.x.x.x TCP_MISS/503 0 GET www.google.bf:443 ######### HIER_NONE/- -" in my access.log – quadriola Oct 28 '15 at 18:14
  • can you give me your squid config /etc/squid3/squid.conf and post the output of sudo service squid3 status – Neil Oct 28 '15 at 18:14
  • @Neil the config is quite long.....Too long to be posted – quadriola Oct 28 '15 at 18:24
  • @quadriola copy it to pastebin and link it here – Neil Oct 28 '15 at 18:26

You try to connect www.google.bf on port 443 and the return code is 503, means Service Unavailable


The server is currently unavailable (because it is overloaded or down for maintenance). Generally, this is a temporary state.

     enter image description here

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