I want to be able to zoom in to a window (say terminal) while recording my screen in such a way that the recorder video is not "shaky" (doesn't follow mouse when zoomed in)

Something like this YouTube video.

How can I do this in newer versions of Ubuntu?


I think this is available through compiz. Install:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager


ccsm &

Scroll down to accessibility and enable enhanced zoom desktop. Then click on this plugin to set the default settings.

Button 1 is the left click mouse button and Button 3 is the right click mouse button.

Also, you probably want to set the zoom factor to 3.

I set the keybinding to CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + Z to zoom in and CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + c to zoom back out and it functions just about like it does in the video.

Also, I set the invoke zoom box button to CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + button 1 (left click).

Then, to restrict the movement of the zoomed area or to "lock" the position, go to the zoom area movement tab and set **toggle zoom lock area to something like CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + X.

After you zoom in and then lock the area, you must unlock the area before you can zoom back out.


Zoom in and lock :


Unlock and zoom back out:


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