I want to setup the Logo programming language in Ubuntu 14.04. Can someone please suggest me the appropriate compiler which is available?

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LibreOffice now provides a Logo implementation that is truer to vintage Logo than KTurtle. Install as sudo apt install libreoffice-librelogo, and then access its controls by enabling the Logo toolbar under View|Toolbars|Logo within LibreOffice Writer. There will also be a Logo entry in the LibreOffice Help system.

It's well documented and simple to use once you get the hang of it, and feels very much like Apple II logo, and TI-99/4A logo.


According to Wikipedia, UCBLogo, also known as Berkeley Logo, is closest to a 'de facto' standard Logo programming language and is available through the Debian command line package management tool Advanced Package Tool, APT. UCBLogo Language code is an interpreted computer language, and does not require an additional complier.

To install type: sudo apt-get install ucblogo

There's also the turtle module that ships with Python!

$ python
>>> from turtle import *
>>> forward(100)

You could try KTurtle:

To install it use sudo apt-get install kturtle or Ubuntu software center

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