What I want to do is, open default file browser(nautilus) with an item selected. i.e From Google chrome > Downloads, if I click show in folder, it should open default file browser with downloaded item selected.

Now my question is, do all the applications (i.e firefox, chrome, transmission) call gnome-open or xdg-open to implement show in folder feature?


Nautilus is able to open a directory with an item selected if you just call this : nautilus /directory/to/open/selected_item. I am trying to figuring out that which system call or command execute during the click event of show in folder option, so that I can modify there if default file browser is nautilus.


The answer is no, or I have understood you completely wrong.

  1. xdg-open

    xdg-open is in the package xdg-utils and neither firefox or chrome or transmission depends on the package

  2. gnome-open

    gnome-open is in the package gnome-open and also here, neither firefox or chrome or transmission depends on the package

  • Thanks for quick reply. But there should be a system call for that I guess. Because like gnome-open firefox(chrome etc) always open system default file browser doesn't matter which one is default. – shantanu Oct 23 '15 at 18:59

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