Last night I attempted to install Ubuntu to my secondary hard drive and dual boot Windows 10. It completely borked everything. Grub screwed me over. I think my grub is still messed up and I need to fix it. How would I go about install Ubuntu 15.04 to a secondary internal hard drive while still being able to boot to windows if need be on boot. Before windows 8 this was easy but with the way Microsoft changed everything it completely shoots me in the foot. I am installing the live iso to my usb by UNetbootin. Yes I have UEFI unfortunately.


Ubuntu must be installed after windows, because windows intentionally wipes any other bootloader than its own. Even though you install ubuntu on a second hard drive, the bootloader must be installed on the master hard drive.


I don't have the exact solution you're looking for, but my computer is set up so it by default boots straight into Ubuntu, but when I need Windows I hit f12 and select the other drive, which means less messing with GRUB. Could something like that work?

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