In Windows I use Alt + LMB Unfortunately this combination seems to conflict with something in Ubuntu, as it does change the cursor into a grabbing hand but does not orbit. I thought of using the Super key instead, but it's bound to the Unity Launcher shortcuts I know you can use strictly the keyboard, but it's not quite the same Btw, I don't have a MMB. Reason why I use the Alt key in Windows.

Any ideas?



Unity Tweak Tool setting screenshot Thanks to the Unity Tweak Tool, you can disable the Super key from bringing up the HUD shortcuts when hold down. Once that's done, in the Blender Prefs, under Input/3D view/3D View (Global)/Rotate View, set it to use Super + LMB. Note that the Super key shows as "Cmd" in Blender.

Similarly do this to select loops in Edit mode: Blender Prefs setup for "select loops" screenshot

  • It is a great way. However, if you happen to use it a lot, then I do not suggest that. | I use Super key a lot, especially as shortcuts, changing workspaces, searching through applications/files.
    – Eray Erdin
    Nov 5 '16 at 15:10

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