O/S: Ubuntu GNOME 15.04 x64,

I would like to know why xterm/uxterm terminals are not showing up under the applications menu nor found when searched for. My second question is how do I make them show up on search/list of apps.

Xterm is installed (as per the default - /usr/bin/xterm) and I can see .desktop entries in /usr/share/applications (namely debian-uxterm/xterm.desktop. When I rename these .desktop files or move them to ~/.local/share/applications, the launchers appear. The launcher entries for xterm are alive and well in Ubuntu 14.04 (Unity) without any tinkering being needed.

I can understand the rationale of (appearing to) limit the number of terminals available and it's not affecting my work or anything serious. I would like to know more for my own knowledge rather than anything else.

search dialogue

  • maybe gnome does not allow to store .desktops in subdirs ? – LittleByBlue Oct 20 '15 at 17:13
  • Could you please edit your question and clarify what you're actually asking? I'm not sure if you're asking how or why. – terdon Oct 20 '15 at 17:40

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