I have a binary file called qkey - when I try to open it with gedit, I get an error telling me that the file is in an unknown format.

Is this due to possible encryption? (it is a game stats file after all...)
Or is it simply that gedit can't open binary files?

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I've tried a number of different applications to open binary files. The one that I've used and enjoyed the most is called bless and it is really easy to install. Simply open the terminal by pressing CTRL+ALT+T and type sudo apt-get install bless and press ENTER. Note: You will have to enter your password, when you enter your password there will be no indicator on the screen, no asterisks, and the cursor will not move. This is normal behavior. After entering your password press ENTER again and follow any additional instructions given.

As a hex editor, bless has lots of features and is actually surprisingly light. This should open your game file and allow you to edit it. I can't actually help with anything beyond that as I am not a gamer. However, it's in the repo and is easy enough to install without taking up much room or being overly complex.

You can read more and learn more about bless by clicking here.

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You can use hexdump to open a binary file.

hexdump -C qkey | more

or use vim with the tips


Sublime Text seems to be more reliable than gedit in both supported file types and handling large buffers more easily.

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