I'm trying to build a system for public use where the intended use of the file browser (thunar) is to only allow access to home, network shared drives, and any plugged in usb drives. I would like to prevent them from accessing system folders like for example going "up" from home. Is there any way to configure thunar in this way?

From my previous question: How to keep users out of system files?, I learned that can remove writing and deleting premissions from system files by removing users from the sudo group. But I don't intend to allow users access to terminal.


I don't think there is a way to do this with Thunar. However, you can do:

sudo chmod o-x <folder>

Which will keep users that don't have user or group privileges for the folder from descending into the folder. Don't do this to the /home directory, because the user will not be able to get to their home directory. You could try removing read access to the /home directory:

sudo chmod o-r /home

This will keep users from seeing any other user's folders, but they should still see their own home folder.

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