I have recently noticed something odd that I don't like very much:

When running ls I get a train

So why am I getting a train upon running ls? And how can I stop this and make it behave normally? Is this an Easter Egg that I have discovered? I am running Ubuntu GNOME 15.04.

Information Update:

Running which ls gets me the same train, and running ls -l $(which ls) just gets me another type of train.

Running command -v ls outputs nothing. And running command -v sl also outputs nothing.

This may all have something to do with the cow (or something like that) package that I recently installed that promised to 'lighten things up a little'.

  1. Try to remove the funny package via

    sudo apt-get purge sl 
  2. Check your aliases for ls e.g. in your ~/.bashrc or ~/.profile.

  3. Check the binary /usr/games/sl and delete

    sudo rm /usr/games/sl
  4. Check the output of

    strace sl |& grep execve
    strace ls |& grep execve

    if point three has no success.

  5. And in future, do NOT install anything that promises to 'lighten things up a little' in the description. ;)


Generally, you can prepend \ to a command to disable aliasing only for that instance of the command run. E.g.,

[2023]$ alias ls
alias ls='ls -F -Chs --color=tty'
[2024]$ ls
total 140K
4.0K bin/           0 Downloads@           0 prog.git@

[2025]$ \ls
bin  Downloads     doc.git  freertos.git  prog.git  tmp

So, I recommend trying your ls with a prepended '\'

Next, you can try running the ls command directly with full path.


Next, command /bin/ls

also, check your path,

echo $PATH
make sure that /bin is the first entry.

But, I believe that removing cow would help.

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