I have a virtual machine, created under virtual box. How can I convert this into a physical machine to be installed to a partition on my hard drive? My host operating system is windows.

I have not found much material on line, and that I did find was confusing. For instance I'd read similar questions, only to realize the host os was Ubuntu as well rather than windows.

Creating a disk image may be an option, but I have never done such a thing before. I have a 32gb pen drive if required to create some sort of install media.

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    This will not work well: You would be better off doing a fresh installation of Ubuntu onto your target machine, and ensuring that the devices in the machine work properly. – Charles Green Oct 16 '15 at 14:59

Converting a VM into a physical installation is extremely difficult and usually ends badly.

The only way to really proceed is to do a fresh installation of Ubuntu onto your hard drive, and then manually copy data you want to keep out of the VM to external USB drives or such, and then copy back into the fresh install.

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