I am using wine 1.3.28 and when i run leagueoflegends.exe i am getting this

antonis@antonis-desktop:~/Downloads$ wine leagueoflegends.exe
err:seh:setup_exception_record stack overflow 1696 bytes in thread 0009 eip 7ef6dc3b esp 00ab0c90 stack 0xab0000-0xab1000-0xcb0000
Segmentation fault

Can anyone tell me what this means? Thank you for your time


That means that League of Legends doesn't run under wine, as it's appdb entry shows.

If you are interested in what this message really means, you can get much more info running it under the wine debugger, but note that this is a quite complex task and you will need a good knowledge of both linux and windows programming.

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