Some long time ago I've created a script which I've added to my Ubuntu system and I'm able to call it simply with call to command rec

MeUser@MyMachine:~$ rec

The problem is that now I'd like to extend the command but I can't figure out where the script can be found and what the rec command refers to.

I assume I can do it (it's Ubuntu after all) but it's not so simple - I've already looked into ~/.bashrc but I did not find anything which refers to rec. Where else can I search?

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You installed it somewhere in your $PATH when you can call it just like that in the command line. Use type to find out where:

type rec
rec is /usr/local/bin/rec

Or maybe it's an alias, then it whould look like:

rec is aliased to `myscript --with --some --parameters blah'

You can then use type on myscript to find out where it lays.

  • Thanks it helped when I did type rec I got rec is hashed (/usr/bin/rec) Oct 13, 2015 at 6:53

In bash you can locate files on your $PATH with the which command. eg:

which rec

And you can list aliases with the alias command. Simply type alias.

You will find your script with one these.

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