I want to know if I have gnome installed or not. So , I have consulted this question: how to find the current version of gnome and How do I check my version of GNOME-Shell? . But I got different answers as mentioned in screenshot.

I am confused. So , can anyone describe me this situation?

Thank you in advance! enter image description here


for the version of gnome

$ dpkg -l libgnome2-common

and for gnome-shell:

$ dpkg -l gnome-shell

works whether the packages are installed or not.

  • Thank you @hiro protagonist . It worked. It turned out that I have first one installed and second one not installed. – silverwolf Oct 12 '15 at 13:02

I do not see an issue: you do NOT have gnome-shell installed so any command asking for a version of gnome-shell, or any command related to gnome-shell, will error out. And you have Unity installed and that would be the case when you installed a default Ubuntu

unity --version

will show you the version of that.


for the version of gnome

$ gnome-shell --version

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