I'm tryng to share my wireless network (wlan0), and I follow this tutorial: https://linuxalfi.wordpress.com/2011/11/08/connectify-for-linux-with-single-wireless-interface/

The problem is: If hostapd was started, I won't be able to connect to network to my network by using wpa_supplicant. On the other hand, if I connected to network, I cannot start hostapd. These two hostapd and wpa_supplicant cannot start altogether.

Here are errors when I try to start hostapd: root@me:~# hostapd /etc/hostapd.conf Configuration file: /etc/hostapd.conf Using interface new1 with hwaddr 84:4b:f5:4c:89:ab and ssid "Linux-Hotspot" Failed to set beacon parameters new1: Unable to setup interface.

If hostapd was started, these errors generated if I use wpa_supplicant: Successfully initialized wpa_supplicant new0: CTRL-EVENT-SCAN-STARTED new0: SME: Trying to authenticate with ac:86:74:26:54:72 (SSID='Ktx My Dinh' freq=2432 MHz) new0: SME: Authentication request to the driver failed new0: CTRL-EVENT-SCAN-STARTED

And here's iw list

root@me:~$ sudo iw list Wiphy phy0 max # scan SSIDs: 4 max scan IEs length: 2257 bytes Retry short limit: 7 Retry long limit: 4 Coverage class: 0 (up to 0m) Device supports RSN-IBSS. Device supports AP-side u-APSD. Device supports T-DLS. Supported Ciphers: * WEP40 (00-0f-ac:1) * WEP104 (00-0f-ac:5) * TKIP (00-0f-ac:2) * CCMP (00-0f-ac:4) * CMAC (00-0f-ac:6) Available Antennas: TX 0x1 RX 0x3 Configured Antennas: TX 0x1 RX 0x3 Supported interface modes: * IBSS * managed * AP * AP/VLAN * WDS * monitor * mesh point * P2P-client * P2P-GO

What can I do to fix these? Thanks in advance.


Check the bottom of the iw list output for something like this:

valid interface combinations:
     * #{ managed } <= 1, #{ P2P-device } <= 1, #{ P2P-client, P2P-GO } <= 1,
       total <= 3, #channels <= 2
     * #{ managed } <= 1, #{ AP } <= 1, #{ P2P-client } <= 1, #{ P2P-device } <= 1,
       total <= 4, #channels <= 1

(This is what my Raspberry Pi 3 shows for wlan0.) Note that the device only supports a single channel between the two (managed and AP) interfaces.

Try changing your hostapd.conf so the channel specified matches that of the network you're trying to join.

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