I have a program that opens a number of windows, which I want to attach as tabs to a main window. The program doesn't understand the KDE window tabs concept, so I would like to tab the windows together at program start and untab them into separate windows before I shut it down.
I do this manually by clicking a window's top left corner, selecting 'attach as tab to...' & selecting a window to attach to. But scripting it would be much nicer, and scripting mouse moves isn't really an answer.

I've looked at KDE's PlasmaDesktopScripting & made a little headway with the Desktop Shell Scripting Console but what I really need from them is a list of the available actions to sift through.

Any ideas?

  • I don't use KDE, so I can't test, but have a look into wmctrl or xdotool: they both let you automate X-related events such as keystrokes and mouse clicks. Used rightfully (it might be not too straightforward) you should be able to "macro" the routine you usually go through in the GUI into a bash script. – kos Oct 10 '15 at 7:38

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