I want to transfer file from Server to my local machine through SSH Connection.

But i am getting No such file or directory error message.

i have file following path: File Name is messageSentLog.log

[root@appsrvr1 ~]# cd tomcat7_640_CS
[root@appsrvr1 tomcat7_640_CSS]# cd logs
[root@appsrvr1 logs]# scp tomcat7_640_CS/logs/messageSentLog.log Ashokkkumar Muthu@ 

No responses.

Please help me to overcome from this issue

  • your path is incorrect. scp messageSentLog.log root@localhost:/dest/dir. You already in the directory and your destination is malform. Oct 9, 2015 at 12:27

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  1. Ashokkkumar Muthu isn't your username. Use your username, maybe Ashok
  2. Your path is wrong. You're already in tomcat7_640_CS/logs
  3. And the target? Maybe you have a folder with the name D in your home folder…


scp messageSentLog.log ashok@ 

But I suspect the target system is not a Linux system.


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