I'm trying to use virt-manager (0.9.5) on an Ubuntu server (version 14.04). I can connect to the Ubuntu server. I connect to the Ubuntu server via Putty, TurboVNC, or via the IP Management Interface with a web browser and connect via a remote console. When I use the virt-manager command, I go to the next command line. There is no error and nothing pops up. I configured Putty to Enable X11 forwarding. The /etc/ssh_config and /etc/sshd_config files are configured to allow X11 forwarding. libvirt and xterm have been installed. virsh list shows VMs running.

"virt-manager --debug" returns an error about "Unable to initialize GTK: could not open display"

Why cannot I see a pop up after I use the virt-manager command when I am root? I desire to have a GUI pop up to create a VM.

Update: Xserver was already installed on the laptop. I changed the repositories the Ubuntu server pointed to and upgraded virt-manager to 1.2 with an apt-get command. Don't apt-get commands install necessary dependencies? virt-manager still isn't working. The upgrade worked (virt-manager --version proves it). But this following command shows libosinfo is 2.9-1:

apt-cache policy libosinfo-1.0.0

I thought virt-manager 1.2 required libosinfo to be at 2.10.

virt-manager still doesn't work. Why isn't virt-manager working? If libosinfo wasn't installed properly with the apt-get install virt-manager command, how do I upgrade libosinfo?

  • do you have X-server running on your computer? – Jakuje Oct 8 '15 at 22:32
  • On the Linux server or the Windows laptop? How do I tell for sure? – Catbird55 Oct 9 '15 at 0:21
  • I had it installed the whole time. I found that when it is properly installed, it doesn't have an entry in the "Uninstall Programs" section of Windows. I reinstalled it for good measure. But the problem remains. Why did this question get downvoted? I disagree that every how-to has a section for installing X-Server. – Catbird55 Oct 9 '15 at 15:47
  • Other possibility is that the X forwarding is disabled on server. – Jakuje Oct 9 '15 at 18:24
  • How would I test for this? /etc/ssh_config and sshd_config were configured appropriately as far as I know how to tell. I examined them closely too. – Catbird55 Oct 9 '15 at 20:48

You need to have X server installed on you windows laptop. If you didn't install it on you windows laptop, you don't have it. It is part of every how-to.

  • It was already installed. – Catbird55 Oct 9 '15 at 17:58

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