I have samba installed on ubuntu 14.04 and I want it to start on system boot. Anybody help?


Simply run the following command in a terminal :

sudo update-rc.d samba defaults

You can try the following ways. I don't know about samba, but it worked for me in running some other services.

There are three ways to do it.

Alternative 1# Creating New Script in /etc/init.d/

We can create new startup service by creating a new script inside the init.d


Note: Donot forget to make the script executable 

Alternative 2# By adding commands to /etc/rc.local

The technique is illustrated by the following example :

vi /etc/rc.local

/path/to/my/script.sh || exit 1
exit 0

Alternative 3# The third way to achieve that is by adding an Upstart Job

    Create      /etc/init/myjob.conf

Add the following entries to the file

description "my Job"
start on startup
exec /path/to/my/script.sh

Here in description you can use any name. In the path of exec give the path of the samba binary.

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