Skype and network tray icon disappears after installing Google Chrome.

sni-qt:i386 is already installed

My doubt is libappindicator1 is getting uninstalled when Google Chrome is installed

While installing libappindicator1, libappindicator1:i386 and google-chrome:i386 are getting uninstalled automatically and tray icon comes back

System : ubuntu 14.04 64 bit

  • Could not recreate this on 14.04.3 64bit, downloaded chrome installer from website, opened with software centre and it installed with out error, certainly no disappearing status icons, all I can suggest is make sure the system is up to date, first remove chrome, then do a sudo apt-get dist-upgrade and reboot, now try installing Chrome again. – Mark Kirby Oct 7 '15 at 7:35

To return icons I have just killed 'indicator-application-service' and icons network, bluetooth and skype appear again. I use xfce on amd64.

killall indicator-application-service

You may also try to install sni-qt package:

sudo apt-get install sni-qt:i386

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