I want to do an if then statement: If variable i is equal to the regex for 0 through 9 AND if grep does not return any results, then do something. Is this the correct syntax?

if [[ $i =~ [0-9] ]] && if ! grep $i /opt/tftpboot/*; then

or is it

if [[ $i =~ [0-9] ]] && ! [[ grep $i /opt/tftpboot/* ]]; then
  • Note that if in a shell is somewhat different to other languages: what follows if are commands (see gnu.org/software/bash/manual/…), not any special syntax. [[ is a bash/ksh/zsh built-in command. The exit status of the commands is used by if. – glenn jackman Oct 5 '15 at 15:16


if [[ $i =~ [0-9] ]] && ! grep $i /opt/tftpboot/*; then

You probably don't need the output of grep, in which case you can do:

if [[ $i =~ [0-9] ]] && ! grep -q $i /opt/tftpboot/*; then
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