The two lines below are what I have for my UNIX shell.

cobc -free -x -o$(basename "$1" .exe) "$1"

./$(basename "$1" .exe)

When I type:

./myshell file.cob   

...the program runs fine. But the original cobolfile (no extension) gets overwritten with compiled system code so the content looks exactly like the cobolfile.exe system code. So I can only run the program once then everything is lost... How to I tweak my shell program to avoid this?

Cheers!! :)

  • You tried to change the -o FILE_PATH to some other location? – snoop Oct 5 '15 at 8:29

The bash sample in the question seems to have been corrected - although it is quite strange to call an executable file ".exe" in a GNU/Linux system isn't it?

If you don't need the output file to be an executable I'd suggest to do

cobc -free $1
cobcrun $(basename "$1")

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