I enabled hibernation following this steps: How to enable hibernation in 15.04?

I can now see "hibernate" option and also hibernate seems to turn my computer off. But when I turn back on, it is like a regular boot, with all windows closed. Please help.

Also, sudo pm-is-supported gives following result :

$ sudo pm-is-supported
pm-is-supported [--suspend | --hibernate | --suspend-hybrid ]

Hibernating from the command prompt using sudo pm --hibernate does same thing. Screen goes off, comes back in 1-2 seconds, and computers turns off. Starting closes all my work and boot like a regular boot.

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You probably need also (like me) to add the resume parameter to kernel boot options in grub --making sure you enter your swap partition there correctly and its size is right-- as per: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PowerManagement/Hibernate

However, I experience 2 minor problems after having the "Hibernate" feature working as above:

1) Grub2 menu switches to an error mode (probably because of a minor pm/acpi error) waiting for 30 seconds, as a result of which I needed to manually modify my grub.cfg file from timeout=30 to timeout=0 which might require booting from a live USB disk when there's a major error.

2) Hibernate feature apparently comes into effect on my computer after network manager is shutdown, resulting in that I log in disconnected, which requires restarting network manager, for which I already have this startup script in place: How to persist on a wifi connection after disconnection?

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