I'm watching videos on network mounts of a home server (cifs or nfs - that shouldn't matter) and experience the videos to cut during reboots during maintenance because the network mounts are not served for the time of the reboot. I'd like avoid those cuts by forcing vlc to buffer the complete video or n minutes (don't care about the memory consumption). I naively assume that vlc will continue buffering as soon as the network mount becomes available again if only n minutes are buffered.

I'm using vlc 2.2.0-0-g1349ef2 on Ubuntu 15.04.


Open vlc, go to Tools > Preferences, from bottom left tick Show Settings > All, then in the left tree go to Input/Codecs, then on the right scroll down to Advanced and change File caching (ms). Save.

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    Setting all ms values to 100000 doesn't cause a file on an cifs to be cached, e.g. if I start the playback of a 20 minute video file and leave it one minute to retrieve the file (copying into /tmp/ takes 3 seconds), then cut the internet connection and seek a position in the middle vlc displays a black screen. If I reestablish the connection it resumes playback immediately. – Karl Richter Nov 24 '15 at 20:22

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