I'm trying to check the boot log messages in the file /var/log/boot on Ubuntu 8.10 & 9.10 and I found it empty with the message (Nothing has been logged yet.). The bootlogd service is running at the startup.

I changed the file vim /etc/default/bootlogd

# Run bootlogd at startup ?

Change No to Yes:

# Run bootlogd at startup ?
  • This is schwon by me, too. Do you have tried with dmesg ? – Daniel Oct 14 '10 at 14:03

yes, me too. AFAIK, /var/log/dmesg has the boot messages. The program bootlog copies all strings sent to the /dev/console device to /var/log/boot AFTER the daemon is initialized. Messages from kernel booting are in dmesg.


Don't know if this is relevant, but the following page has a lower-case "y" in the "yes"


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