I hit l this evening while compiling some things, and got some unexpected output.

$ l
l3*  lesson03.cpp  lesson03.o  look.png  readme.txt

so then I looked at alias: which lists l as: alias l='ls -F'

So then I looked at the manpage, and still couldn't figure out the meaning of ls -F

-F, --classify
          append indicator (one of */=>@|) to entries

Can someone explain the meaning of the as-tricks next to some files,? what is being said in "*/=>@|" ? I don't get it.


From info ls:

     Append a character to each file name indicating the file type.
     Also, for regular files that are executable, append ‘*’.  The file
     type indicators are ‘/’ for directories, ‘@’ for symbolic links,
     ‘|’ for FIFOs, ‘=’ for sockets, ‘>’ for doors, and nothing for
     regular files.  Do not follow symbolic links listed on the command
     line unless the ‘--dereference-command-line’ (‘-H’),
     ‘--dereference’ (‘-L’), or
     ‘--dereference-command-line-symlink-to-dir’ options are specified.
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