My workbench was working just fine before this update. Once I installed the new version I noticed that the management tab was empty and also the server options showed up empty. Initially I thought problem was with workbench. So I re-installed entire mysql as well as workbench and it did not help. On searching online and following steps I realized that ssl access is not enabled. Also ubuntu 15.04 update log mentions this that 'export cipher suites have been disabled'. In mysql I ran this then to check :

show variables like '%ssl%'
-> ;
| Variable_name | Value    |
| have_openssl  | DISABLED |
| have_ssl      | DISABLED |
| ssl_ca        |          |
| ssl_capath    |          |
| ssl_cert      |          |
| ssl_cipher    |          |
| ssl_crl       |          |
| ssl_crlpath   |          |
| ssl_key       |          |
9 rows in set (0.00 sec)

I believe that not having SSL is preventing me from making use of local management in workbench to import/export database etc. How do I enable this? Is there any alternative way to get back my workbench management tools?


Can you provide a full MySQL Workbench log file (execute MySQL Workbench with --log-level=debug3 command line arg)? I know this shoud be posted as comment, but my reputation not allow me fro that.

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