I'm connecting an Ubuntu 12.04 and a Lubuntu 15.? machine via direct ethernet and have had no success. I have pop-up notifications that 'connection is established' on one machine, but I cant share internet, ping, share folders etc., and have immediate disconnection on the other machine.

The error I get when I ping from one machine is: ping: sendmsg: Operation not permitted

I usually get 'unresponsive' when I ping from the other.

I have tried a crossover adapter, I have used the same cable to connect other machines, have deleted iptables, set it to allow ip forwarding, etc, and still nothing works.


I managed to get the two pinging by turning off the firewall using:

 sudo ufw disable

Nothing else in any help forums helped. Still can't share my wireless internet connection via the ethernet connection. Next step I guess.

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