I've successfully created a symbolic link to MATLAB as suggested in the questions below: How can I launch MATLAB 2012?

So I can run MATLAB from any directory. However, I've noticed that some people have an installation that instead of inputting in the command line:


They just put:


and it runs. I would like to have the latter done. I am not quite sure how this is done, since MATLAB is an executable file and the terminal would have to automatically run it.


You can create a shortcut to your matlab installation by doing :

sudo ln -s /<path-to-your-matlab>/matlab /usr/local/bin/matlab

For example if your matlab folder is in your Download folder, run :

sudo ln -s /home/Arturo/Download/matlab /usr/local/bin/matlab

Once you have created this shortcut, you will only need to type matlab in a terminal to open Matlab.

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