I got a filesystem root has 0 disk space error while upgrading Ubuntu, so I've opened Windows 8 and shrinked C drive. Now, I have a 100 gb unallocated space but I see that I cannot merge it to sda9(which I want to extend).

It is like a puzzle, and I cannot solve it! Any help? (Note: I've read similar posts and questions but still I couldn't find the right thing)


Run in terminal

 sudo swapoff -a

That will turn off swapping. Now it is on and you can't do anything with sda8.

You can also turn off swap in gparted by right-clicking the swap partition. You will see an option to disable swap.

Then you will be able to move sda8 partition left, then extend sda9.

After you move the left-hand side of your Ubuntu / partition you may have problems with Ubuntu booting. That can be fixed by re-installing grub.

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