I recently shot some very shaky video footage using my DSLR camera.


I usually use a tripod for stability but the situation meant I did not have one available to me. Whilst searching for ways to stabilise the video I came across various tutorials that reference using either vid.stab and/or kdenlive/MLT. The results it produced were a bit odd.


I used the following settings

enter image description here

For comparison I asked a friend to stabilise the same video using the Warp Stabiliser found in Adobe Premier Pro.


They used the following settings [enter image description here]

The artefacts I noted are similar to what is described in this video. The video, when stabilised using vid.stab appears a bit warped. I appreciate that no software will produce an incredibly smooth video but I am left wondering, is there any open source software, GUI or command-line, available for Ubuntu/Linux that can effectively stabilise video using a process similar to the Warp Stabiliser found in Adobe Premier Pro?

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