I resurrected and old Windows laptop (Dell Vostro 1520) with Ubuntu 12 a while ago. Everything was great (other than my infantile Linux skills) and I went ahead and upgraded to 14.04. Ever since I am unable to resume from a suspend.

Firstly, it takes a long time (30s – 1m?) before I can actually type my password in..

Once I can enter the password, I am logged in however then get presented with crash window(s).

After clearing one of the messages the desktop disappears and a black terminal screen appears momentarily and I end up back at the log in. This sequence of events loops until I shut down with the power button.

Info in the crash window seems to offer different information probably depending on which one I click on (whichever is first as they are loaded over the top of each other).

STUPIDLY I selected the options to ignore the errors in future so now I just get continually kicked out to the login screen with no messages.

I think I recall seeing info about Pulse Audio in one and some Nvidia stuff in another. I think these were the only two.

I am willing to get technical and do the work to find / submit logs etc if someone is willing to give me a bit of a hand regarding which log I'm looking for etc. As mentioned my Linux skills are pretty much novice level at this point however.

many thanks in advance for any help.


I have had similar problems converting very old PC to Ubuntu. In some cases, it worked, in other ones, not. In my case, it was a question of ressources. I finally used the lightweight version of Ubuntu, Lubuntu. This eliminated the crashes I had and that look similar to the symptoms you describe. My recommandation therefore is to give Lubuntu a try.

  • thanks for the response, appreciate the advice. - I'd like to see if I can get a bit further before aborting mission; my other option is going back to 12 which was great. I will use shutdown for as long as my patience persists with attempting to resolve. thx again.. – Jaqen H'ghar Sep 18 '15 at 2:34

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